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TrueFi brings collateral-free lending on-chain, maximizing capital efficiency for borrowers and earning rates for lenders.

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Meet TrueFi

TrueFi is DeFi’s leading credit protocol for real-world and crypto-native lending, governed by holders of TRU.

Exit Anytime

Lend with no lockup period and deep exit liquidity, giving you ultimate control of your assets.

Competitive Returns

Take advantage of some of the highest and most consistent returns in DeFi on a growing range of assets.

Default Protection

Your loaned assets are assured by TrueFi’s SAFU fund and TRU stakers, offering millions of dollars in aggregate coverage - with an industry-leading record of underwriting.

Maximum Transparency

Track every dollar loaned to TrueFi’s vetted borrowers on-chain, and review regular attestations of TRU token treasury.

Vetted Borrowers

TrueFi borrowers complete a thorough onboarding, earn community approval, and sign an enforceable loan agreement.

By & For Our Users

TrueFi's TRU holders govern the protocol, approve new borrowers, and influence key treasury & partnership decisions.

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Lend on the largest collateral-free lending protocol