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Maximize capital efficiency & build on-chain credit history with the world's leading unsecured lending protocol.

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Capital Efficiency

Borrow with no collateralization requirements, freeing up more funds for trading and investing.

Competitive Lending Rates

Enjoy the best market-driven interest rates on unsecured debt, locked in for the duration of your loan.

Rapid Onboarding

Transparent four-step borrower approval process, with an average of 7 days between application to loan approval.

Credit History

Develop your borrower profile & repayment history to benefit from the most favorable loan terms on TrueFi and beyond.

Privacy Preserving

Options for publicly anonymous borrower applications, with upcoming zero knowledge proof support.

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What do borrowers
think about TrueFi?

"An excellent option for us"

TrueFi has been an excellent option for us as we look to grow our borrowing activities. We’ve appreciated that as we’ve built up a reputation in the TrueFi system we’ve been able to progressively scale up our loan sizes

"A flexible and convenient option for borrowing"

We are glad to have been the first and one of the largest borrowers from TrueFi. TrueFi has been a flexible and convenient option for borrowing in crypto, combining elements of CeFi and DeFi. Excited to see their continued growth beyond crypto

"A source of capital to scale up"

It has been great being able to tap TrueFi as a source of capital to scale up our trading activities. As we’ve continued to build reputation and a credit history within the system, we have enjoyed seeing loan terms and credit limits improve over time as well.

Institutional loans in as little as 7 days
  • Competitive Lending Rates *
  • Rapid Onboarding
  • Capital Efficiency
  • Private Borrowing Options

* Disclaimer: The information contained in this website, including the historical average APR, are intended for informational purposes only. Some of the information may be dated and may not reflect the most current information or lending rates. Lending rates are based on the creditworthiness of individual borrowers and are subject to change.